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Drawer Outlet

Live Mess Free.

Technology plays a major role in our everyday lives.  But as we gain new tech capabilities, we also add to the messy piles of wires and chargers we have strewn about our homes. That is why designers and homeowners continue to rate charging drawer solutions among their top tech friendly design solutions for today's home and office.   

At My Tidy Space™ we specialize in providing innovative solutions to today's home organization challenges.   Whether you are creating charging drawers in your kitchen, or hair dryer and styling accessory power drawers in your bathroom, you will find we have some of most space efficient, easy to install products available to suit your needs! 

We also create PURO™ Ultraviolet-C disinfection systems for commercial applications that provide a layer of protection to customers, employees, and visitors while improving efficiency and costs.   Please contact us today to discuss options for your public spaces or HVAC systems.     

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