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Earn Up To $500

We’d love to show off how you have utilized MyTidySpace™ Drawer Outlets in your project!   Please submit well-lighted, high-resolution photos of your final designs or installation process. We’ll pay you ​with a $100 USD Amazon gift card for each photo our Marketing staff selects for use in our public media and materials.  You can earn up to $500 in Amazon gift cards for each project!  

For best results please use the following guidelines:

  • Set digital camera or phone camera for high-resolution photos

  • Ensure the subject is well lighted and that the outlet is clearly featured in the photo.

  • Take pictures from several angles.

  • Show a well-organized space with minimal clutter.

  • Provide a brief project description that highlights outlet benefits.

  • Submit one project overview per form.


Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5

Thanks for submitting!

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